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Top 30 largest localities (total places):

England (286)
Lincolnshire (35)
United Kingdom (18)
Lincs (7)
UK (6)
Yorkshire (6)
Canada (4)
Scunthorpe (3)
East Yorkshire (3)
USA (3)
Wrawby (2)
Hull (2)
Rutland (2)
Yorshire (2)
Canadian Infantry) (2)
New Zealand (2)
Yorks (2)
Brigg (2)
Glandford Brigg Lincolnshire
not Knowing N K
Wrawby Brigg Lincs
Brigg cemertry
Glandford Brigg Lincs
Greater London (1)
Wrawby Lincoln
Brigg Death Ref B45B195
Glanford Brigg
WRAWBY Lincolnshire
12 Jun 1781 Wrawby ( possibly in childbirth?)
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